A Tribute To The Single Mothers on #ImpactGuru

By: Oshin Rao

Published On: May 12, 2019

“When you are looking at your mother, you are looking at the purest love you will ever know.” —Charley Benetto

Mothers are the purest essence of love we can come across while we live. Most of us have been fortunate to have experienced it. At ImpactGuru, we have come across many mothers who have fought long and hard for their children’s treatment. They have fought society to overcome every obstacle. They are single mothers either by choice or circumstance or both. Here are some mothers who have put themselves on the line in getting the best kind of treatment for their children and proving a time tested truth that nothing is too big a hurdle for a mother.


“Choosing to be a single mother after years of abuse was itself a victory to me. Although the society I lived in did not think the same. Life as I knew it had changed and for the first time in many years I felt free and unburdened. But, the joy and freedom I was experiencing was short-lived. As it turns out, my 7-month-old baby girl - Aparajita, had been diagnosed with Congenital Heart Disease upon birth and would require an urgent open heart surgery.”

Ankita will to fight for her baby Aparajita came through when it was just her and Aparajita against the world. She was not only a single mother by choice but also her circumstances. Her husband and in-laws expelled her from the house after learning that the baby is a girl with a severe heart ailment. Little by little, Ankita gathered funds but it wasn’t enough. Creating a fundraiser on ImpactGuru, helped her raise funds for Aparajita who is now completely hale and hearty.


“Every time Manoj asks me whether his father will come to meet him at the hospital, I’m rendered speechless. Manoj has always been very fond of his father. I don’t think he will be able to bear the news that his father has left him when he needed him the most.”

Varalaxmi and her husband are construction workers in Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh. They lived a very minimalistic yet content existence. When Manoj fell sick, his father abandoned them fearing the huge debts which would come his way. Varalaxmi was left to fend for herself and her son. She single handedly took care of most of Manoj’s treatment expenses and his basic needs with what little she had. Her outlook on life has been so selfless where she looked beyond her emotional devastation of becoming a single mother all too suddenly. Manoj will soon receive a stem cell transplant through the funds raised on ImpactGuru and will lead a life of fulfillment.

Sanjay’s mother


“Go away Ma, you can live a better life without me.” I don’t know how to tell him - how can a mother abandon her child?”

How can a mother abandon her child? Sanjay had to undergo a bone marrow transplant on being diagnosed with Kidney Failure. His mother refused to give him away even with being under immense pressure from her husband and in-laws to abandon him. She left the house with Sanjay and begged and borrowed to survive. The money she received after having sold off her jewellery was kept solely for Sanjay’s treatment. It was not even expended on food for herself. Slowly but surely, she was able to gather funds through her fundraiser on ImpactGuru, and made it possible for Sanjay to undergo a bone marrow transplant.

These phenomenal ladies have been exemplary in their love towards their children. They have looked beyond their own needs, desires and circumstances to hold the anchor strong in the middle of the harshest storms. ImpactGuru salutes them!